About Us

Vinos Juárez was born with the idea of establishing a small business in Puerto Cortés dedicated, from its very roots and core concept, to reach every Honduran household. We aim to change the societal consumption paradigm that suggests only certain social classes can enjoy such a refined and enriched beverage. From sourcing ingredients, raw materials, processing, and packaging, we have managed to reach every individual thanks to a delightful variety of tropical flavors. We are in the process of reshaping ideologies and educating our customers by providing healthy guidelines, refined concepts, and addressing questions about the quality of our products. We believe that a dose of good wine is essential for every family dinner. 

Our company is legally established with a Health License: HN-LEA-0619-0384 and health records. We hold a Biosecurity certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Puerto Cortés, INFOP, and SENPRENDE..

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Muy sabrosos sus vinos saludos, la conocí con mi pareja en Omoa milla 4 donde doña Mari allí probamos por 1 vez sus vino y nos fascinaron 

Heidy Cortés • Cliente Vinos Juarez